Frequently Asked Questions

Where do domain names come from?

The domain names offered on DomExpire are domains that have expired and that we have registered on our behalf. As a result, the date of creation of the domain name is recent, whereas sometimes domain names are very old.

What is an expired domain name?

A domain name is rented for a certain period of time (at least one year), before the anniversary date the owner must renew it, if he does not do so he becomes available for another owner.

Why buy an expired domain name?

By taking an expired domain name you are buying a domain name that is already known by search engines, directories and many other sites. You can expect visits much faster than with a new domain without seniority.

How to buy a domain name from DomExpire?

Domain names are auctioned, if you win the auction you will have the right to register the domain name in your name and benefit fully from it.

How are the auctions going?

Domain names are auctioned for a period of 7 days. The auction ends at 3:00 p. m. During this period you can submit an offer. You can only increase your offer, you can't retract it. If you are the highest bidder you win the auction. The final price will be the price of the second best offer more 10€ or simply the reserve price if you are the only bidder. Note that a bid in the last 5 minutes extends the end of the auction by 5 minutes.

I won the auction and then what?

On your customer account, you will find the order form that you will have seven days to pay. Once the payment has been made, you will find the transfer code that will be necessary to register the domain name in your name.

What are the means, is the site secure?

We offer Paypal as a payment method as well as Stripe for payment by credit card. It is also possible to pay by bank transfer (contact us). The site is hosted with a SSL security certificate, all connections with the server are secure.

Can we ask you to snap a particular domain name?

It is possible to order a domain name that will expire soon. By clicking on the "backorder" section, you will be asked to create an account or to identify yourself.
Once done, you will be taken to a list of all the domains that will become available in the next 7 days.
Click on the icon corresponding to your domain, to add it to your order list.
After accepting our terms of service, your domain will be scheduled and we will try to retrieve it for you.
If you are the only one to order it and we get it back, you have to pay 30€ HT to transfer it to your favorite registrar.
If you are not the only one to have placed this order, the domain name will be offered for auction.

Are there any restrictions for placing orders?

DomExpire rewards the loyalty of its customers by awarding them badges.
There are 4 badges:
"New Member", member who has never earned or paid for a domain name.
"Bronze Member", member who has won and paid a domain name.
"Silver Member", member who has won and paid for 2 domain names
"Gold Member", member who has won and paid for 8 domain names
"Platinium Member", member who won and paid 16 domain names

Regarding orders (backorder), a "New Member" can only order one domain at a time, a "Bronze Member", 3. For "Silver", "Gold" and "Platinium" members the number of orders at a time cannot exceed 7.